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12th Dec 2020: U10s/U12s Internal Tournament

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Two incredible Internal Tournaments took placed at Tonbridge School on Saturday.

First up were the U12 Boys and Girls.

The U12 Boys were teamed up for the first time since October and the girls were split between three teams. In a very entertaining tournament the Boys were the victors 5-2 in the final. All three girls teams were excellent throughout and it was only goal difference that could split them in the end!

Top Scorers:

1) Bea F 7

2) Liliya, Iggy, George C 5

3) Ed, Luke 4

Next up were the U10 Boys and Girls.

In a remarkably high quality tournament everyone played very well. Once again the final matches could only be split by goal difference just going to show the brilliant play from all!

Top Scorers:

1) Lucas 6

2) Elisa, Erin T 3

3) Erin M, Ben W, Ted 2

Well done to all that played. For more of the same please sign up for Saturday's Xmas special!! See you then!

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