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To be a forward-thinking, creative and inspirational hockey club for all hockey players wishing to progress their hockey.



  1. Providing opportunities for all members to develop a life-long love for hockey.

  2. Providing positively competitive training environments that will challenge all members to achieve their sporting and hockey potential at every level.

  3. To play creative, dynamic and exciting attacking hockey. 

  4. To use the most up-to-date coaching methodologies to provide the best possible playing environment for our players through excellent coaching and support. 





  1. To provide age and ability appropriate hockey training opportunities for all. 

  2. To have a holistic approach to each individual member’s sporting future through a co-ordinated programme of core and advanced movement & co-ordination skills which will compliment all member’s sporting potential. 

  3. To provide outstanding training environments where players will have the opportunity to learn and are supported to develop their hockey.  

  4. To provide trainings that are focused on developing all players technical hockey skills through game based training. To develop all players tactical understanding, decision making, leadership and teamwork skills within training and matches.

  5. To always promote and encourage the ideals of fair play and sportsmanship. To be a club that values participation and performance and seeks to create enjoyment and a passion for sport. 

  6. To extend the holistic approach of sport beyond hockey to provide an off the pitch environment where members can develop friendships, attend tours and enjoy social opportunities. To create and to have positive relationships between all members, coaches, parents and opponents in order to help develop happy, resilient, healthy and successful people. 

  7. To provide a positive and supportive working environment for all committee members, all volunteers, all umpires and all coaches. 

  8. To actively support the local community and the surrounding area.

Coaching Philosophy

All sessions and matches are based around trying to play creative, dynamic, and exciting attacking hockey! All members are supported to develop their sporting potential, technical skills, tactical understanding, and their decision-making in creative and decision-rich training sessions. Goalkeepers are a fully integrated part of all trainings and team-based activities and will take main roles in all trainings and matches, as well as having their own GK Academy sessions.


The aim is that the game-based trainings will create scenarios that will give everyone opportunities to make decisions and drive technical developments through context and reflective feedback. Coaches are encouraged to work within this supportive environment to help all members to develop their hockey through individual feedback and ‘in-game’ learning moments.


We also aim to use the most up-to-date coaching techniques and state-of-the-art technology, to help all players to improve their ability to self-reflect, self-analyse, and develop their own hockey.

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