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Duncan Parnis

Ruth Bingham


EH National Championships Tier 1

EH Area League Tier 1

EH Indoor Championships

Indoor Hockey UK Copper Box Championships



Thursdays 7.45pm - 9.45pm


2nd September 2021 - 19th May 2022


Tonbridge School

RESULTS 2022/23

24/09/22 v Sevenoaks (League) Won 7-1 (Summer 3, Biba 2, Evie S, Boadicea)

9/10/22 v Canterbury (EH Cup) Won 5-0 (Summer 2, Isla J 2, Bella)

30/10/22 BYE (EH Cup)

20/11/22 v Sevenoaks (EH Cup) - TBC

RESULTS 2021/22

5/09/21 v Wimbledon (Friendly) Won 11-0 (Lottie x4, Olivia x3, Anna x2, Indy, Amy)


26/09/21 v Sevenoaks (League) Won 4-1 (Mackenzie, Amy, Polly x2)

              v Tunbridge Wells (league) Won 8-1 (Amber x2, Biba x2, Polly, Summer, Josefina, Jess)


3/10/21 v Sevenoaks (EH Cup) Won 8-0 (Stopped after 40 minutes)

(Lottie x4, Olivia x2, Anna, Polly)


17/10/21 v Brighton (League) Won 9-1 (Olivia x6, Lottie x2, Anna)


31/10/21 v EG (EH Cup) Won 18-2

(Lottie x 6, Olivia x4, Anna x3, Phoebe x2, Alessia, Summer, Charlotte)


21/11/21 v Wimbledon (EH Cup) Won 2-1 (Anna, Lottie)


28/11/21 v Brighton (Finals Day) Drew 1-1 (Lottie)

              v Guildford (Finals Day) Won 5-2 (Olivia x2, Polly, Bella, Lottie)


16/1/22 v Surbiton (League) Lost 2-3 (Lottie x2)


23/1/22 v Trojans (League) Won 4-1 (Anna x2, Olivia, Polly)


6/2/22 v Surbiton (EH Cup ¼ final) Won 3-1 (Lottie, Alessia, Phoebe)


20/2/22 v Guildford (League) Won 10-1 (Olivia x5, Lottie x2, Polly x2, Anna)


27/2/22 v Cambridge City (EH Cup semi-final) Won 8-0 (Lottie x3, Polly x2, Summer, Anna, Phoebe


6/3/22 v Brighton (League) Won 10-2 (Polly x3, Bella x3, Lottie x2, Alessia, Phoebe)


20/3/22 v Alton (League) Won 17-0 (Olivia x5, Anna x4, Phoebe x3, Summer x2, Jess, Charlotte, Lottie)


3/4/22 v Beeston (National Final) Won 7-1 (Lottie x5, Anna, Olivia)


National Champions!


Goals =127

Lottie 35

Olivia 29

Anna 17

Polly 13

Phoebe 8

Summer 5

Bella 4

Alessia 3

Amber, Biba, Charlotte W, Amy WD, Jess all x2

Josefina, Indy, Kenzie x1

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