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Why HC Knole Park? 


HC Knole Park’s aim is to be a hockey club with a real difference. Firstly, the name: Hockey Club Knole Park! Established in 2019, we’d like HC Knole Park to be an exciting and enjoyable hockey club, as well as offering a unique ‘Euro hockey club’ hockey experience. We’d like to create a hockey club where all members feel welcome, can make friends and enjoy their hockey together!


Based on years of experience of hockey in both England and abroad we feel we are able to offer a unique approach to hockey. We have created a modern and dynamic coaching strategy for HC Knole Park, based on playing and coaching hockey experiences in Holland, Spain, France, Germany, Malaysia, Australia & the UK.


The philosophy is simple: All sessions and matches will, at their core, be based around trying to play creative, dynamic and exciting attacking hockey!


All members will be supported to develop their sporting potential, technical skills, tactical understanding and their decision-making in creative and decision-rich training sessions.


Goalkeepers will be a fully integrated part of all trainings and team-based activities and will take main roles in all trainings and matches, as well as having their own GK Academy sessions. 


The aim is that the game-based trainings will create scenarios that will give everyone opportunities to make decisions and drive technical developments through context and reflective feedback. The aim is to provide accelerated learning opportunities for all. Coaches will work within this supportive environment to help all members to develop their hockey through individual feedback and ‘in-game’ learning moments. No drills, no queues and no frowns! 


We will also be using up-to-date coaching techniques and state-of-the-art technology, to help all players to improve their ability to self-reflect, self-analyse and develop their own hockey. 


All players will enter into a ten-year coaching strategy from U8 to U18 where all players will have the opportunity to develop a fully rounded sporting understanding that we hope will help them develop a life-long love of hockey! 


The club welcomes players of all ages and abilities. Teams will be formed of individuals from every level; from those who have never picked up a hockey stick, to those who have held onto theirs for years. Each individual is treated as such and our coaches will ensure each player will be encouraged to reach their highest potential. HC Knole Park is committed to their development as a player and in turn, their personal development will benefit significantly.  


Friendships and enjoyment are also key to our hockey club. On and off the pitch you’ll have a great time at HC Knole Park. You’ll be sure to find a community that embraces each individual, both for their similarities and their differences. There will be opportunities to attend home and over-seas tours, and there will be opportunities to enter and play in some truly unique hockey trainings and matches!


Join us and see for yourself!

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