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At HC Knole Park it is important to us that we are working for and with the local community - this is our current plan and involvement:


  • Coaching in schools - we are fortunate enough to have different coaches that work in different local schools.

  • Free summer hockey in 2022 for pupils aged 11 - 16 - boys and girls @ Radnor House School & Skinners' Grammar School.

  • School induction day @ Knole Academy (2021 & 22) and extra-curricular hockey (2022/23). 

  • We have contacted all the primary and secondary schools in the Sevenoaks and Tonbridge area detailing who we are, what we currently offer at Knole Park, what we can offer their school staff and pupils, as well as including a poster for them to pin-up on their sports board.

  • Our holiday programmes and summer training are open to both members and non-members. We offer free taster sessions for all new members as well.

  • Back to Hockey programmes for both our members parents and the local community. We also ran a free “Thank you” series of adult’s sessions for the parents of our members and the local community after their support to us during the Covid lockdowns in 2021.

  • We also have a partnership with the local MIND charity to promote positive mental health, and the local physiotherapists for discounted physio appointments.

  • Our main sponsor is a local finance business based in Sevenoaks and the help of this sponsorship has enable us to run free events and supplement our ring-fenced Hardship funds. Our hardship funds is available to anyone to ensure that money is not a barrier to participation at Knole Park.

  • We have a great link with the local Sevenoaks Chronicle newspaper and Sevenoaks Sports Magazine who run weekly online and printed articles about any stories from Knole Park.

  • We are one of the many community sports organisations who are participating in this summer’s Sevenoaks Sport Showcase, including being selected as one of the few organisations to run a practical taster session on the pitch

  • Our Social Media platforms are very active and post regularly on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to help us to reach all areas, ages, and social media preferences.

  • All our events are advertised on our social media platforms and open to all the community.

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