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Q - What are the membership fees to join? 

The membership fees are here.


Q - Why are you more expensive than other local clubs? 

We’re not! We’re the same price, if not cheaper, than other local hockey clubs that offer the same/a similar package to us. At U14+ the sessions work out at approximately £3-6 per session/match depending on the length of the training and the frequency of the matches. At U12 and younger, you get three trainings per week at Knole Park which works out at less than the cost of a takeaway coffee per session! Please note that we do have to cover our costs for insurance, pitches, coaches, equipment etc. Plus, our season runs from September to May, so you are getting more hockey for your membership too! 


Q - Do you offer financial bursaries? 

Yes, please email our treasurer and they will discuss this further with you in full confidence. 


Q - When will I receive a phone call or information about joining Knole Park? 

You won't. Unless you are new to the game and Knole Park is therefore your first club, we won't contact you to join us. All the information is on the website and you can contact us for an informal chat if you're interested in joining via: 

Q - Can I join mid-way through the season? 

Yes you can. Although please note that due to pitch limitations and coach ratios some of our groups may be full. As we expand we will be able to offer more hockey to more people. It’s probably best to contact us for advice.

Q - What are the membership fees for joining mid-season? 

The membership fees are reduced at Christmas, however there is a non-refundable joining fee (£80) which is applicable all season regardless of when you join. 


Q - I’m worried that my child won’t be good enough. Will they get in?

HC Knole Park is an open club for all abilities. Everyone is welcome! Whether you’ve played for years or are new to hockey, you are welcome to come and give us a go! Every session will have two coaches in. Which means that in all your training sessions you will have the opportunity to play with players that are a similar ability, as well as playing with those that are better.  


Q - I’d like to come along for a trial/taster - is that possible? What kit will I need? 

Yes - sure! Please sign up on the ‘Join Us’ button on the website and you’ll then receive all the information you need about trainings etc. and you will also be covered by our insurance and policies. All new players are welcome to attend two taster training sessions before joining. You’ll just need shin pads and a gum shield. Sticks can be provided. Astro trainers are recommended as they hold up on the surface better.  


Q – Are you linked in and set-up with the England Hockey Pathway?

Yes – you will all be nominated for the appropriate level on the England Hockey Pathway as you become old enough. The youngest possible time is when they are going into Year 7. 


Q - Is the indoor open to all members? 

Yes! We want to give as many of our members opportunities to play indoor hockey as possible. If you haven’t played before it’s essentially a super charged, super skilful smaller version of the game. Your son or daughter will have the opportunity to play indoors throughout the year. Which is especially enjoyable when it’s raining cats and dogs outside!

There is an additional fee for all indoor sessions. If you’d like more information please contact us.


Q - Do you work with any of the local schools? 

Yes - we have very successful relationships with a number of the local primary and secondary schools. The link between the school and club is hugely important for your child’s development. If we don’t have a coach in your child’s school, please let us know and we will try and contact your school so that we can offer hockey to more children. 


Q - Where do I order the kit from? 

The kit can be order through Bat and Ball Sports through their online shop. The club don’t carry any items of kit, except for your FREE training T-Shirt which you will receive on payment of your membership. 

Q - What hockey can I access as a Guest Player? 

You will be able to play in the matches in line with England Hockey rules and regulations. Regular age group training is not available for Guest Players. 

Q - What hockey can I access as a Boarding Member? 

You will be able to sign up for all our camps, attend age group trainings in the holidays and play matches that fit with your holidays or exeats.  


Q - My child cannot play adult hockey because of school lessons and/or fixtures - will this be a problem? 

That’s not a problem at all. Whilst they are at school, their main focus should be on their school work! From a hockey point of view, HC Knole Park is set up to help all its members to be the best they can be through high quality training and age appropriate match play. This is where the improvements happen. If/when you can play adult matches; these should be seen as additional opportunities to play some enjoyable hockey and to receive some additional match day feedback from your coaching team. 


Q - How important is adult hockey to my child’s development? 

You can start playing adult hockey from age 13. Adult hockey becomes more important when they move into sixth-form and/or when they are physically and mentally stronger players. At HC Knole Park we will be running full junior hockey programme for children aged 13+ based largely on the research we have done in to child player development. In Belgium and the Netherlands, where junior hockey is much stronger across the board than England, young players don’t play any adult hockey until they are 17+. By replicating this model, your child will improve a lot more, enjoy more age appropriate hockey and coaching and nobody will miss out on playing opportunities. Your main source for improvements will be your coach, your age group trainings and your team mates! 


Q - I can’t play adults every week, especially in my GCSE/A-Level year - will I be dropped? 

No, we will operate a very transparent system for selection for all teams. If you have a lot of other school work, sport going on, we will individualise your programme for you. All players will receive regular feedback within the trainings. Additional feedback will also be available from the coaches at regular intervals too. 


Q - Won’t it take ages for the adult team to reach the higher level leagues? 

Quite possibly, however HC Knole Park is all about playing hockey for enjoyment, as much as it is about anything else. We want to offer a high quality coaching and training service to the hockey playing community of Sevenoaks and the surrounding area. There are competitions - indoor and out - that we can enter should we wish to offer some higher level adult hockey. However, just as a reminder, it is the high quality junior training sessions, especially when you add in the indoor hockey, that are the key to your child achieving their potential, not the adult hockey. The adult hockey is important when they’re an adult!


Q - Do you have enough players to enter the mixed or vets’ competitions? 

We enter the Mixed Championships and will enter the Vets competitions once we have enough members. 


Q - I’d like to get involved. On the committee or to do some coaching - is this possible? 

Yes, we’re always looking to recruit enthusiastic hockey people. Please get in touch with us.    


Q - I’m 15, I’d like to do some coaching and/or umpiring. Can I help out with the trainings? 

Yes definitely. We’d like to get as many older players involved in coaching the junior players. Please ask your parent to email us and we can arrange the best session to get you involved in. We run an England Hockey Young Leaders Course in the Summer which you could attend too to become a qualified Young Leader.


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