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Lottie Bingham makes her England debut!

Lottie Bingham, who plays her hockey at HC Knole Park, made her debut for England U16s over half-term. Lottie took a full part in a three-day training camp, including two test matches against Ireland. Lottie played in a training match with Ireland on Wednesday before being selected as one of the few players to play in both the official matches on Thursday and Friday. Lottie played in her usual attacking position and was involved in a number of chances that the England team created and picked up two assists and lots of praise for the England Head Coach. In the first test match, England won 5-0 and the second they won 1-0.

Lottie Bingham said: “I really enjoyed the experience of playing for England. I am so lucky to have a supportive club behind me. Thank you to everybody at Knole Park - coaches and team mates who have helped me get there. I hope I will be selected to play in some more matches later in the year.”

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