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Match Report 10th/11th April

On Saturday, HCKP ran a three way 10 a-side tournament. On a rainy and cold afternoon at Tonbridge School, it would take more to stop the HCKP enthusiasts from playing more hockey! In shorten matches each team would play each other. During the tournament they could also play their ‘joker’ for a half – but would the teams play it at the right time, what impact would it have….

In Match 1, the Navy team dominated from the word go. Opting to use their joker they stormed into a commanding 6-1 lead at half-time. Goals from Josefina Hippe, Ted Paice and Moritz were the highlights. A striker’s opportunist goal from Iggy Muñoz the only consolation!

In the second half the White team used their joker and manage to win the half 5-1! Another goal from Iggy, one from sister Bella Muñoz and Phoebe Gough-Cooper managed to pull them within touching distance of a victory. However it wasn’t to be as Josefina scored for the Navy team and the match finished 7-6 to the Navy team.

In Match 2, Team 3, in white, played their joker first up. And what a start they made. Goals from Talya Harvey and Louis van den Rijse, plus 5 from the joker rule put them 7-1 up at half-time. The only reply from the Navy team was a calmly converted penalty stroke from Josefina Hippe.

All out of jokers, the second half was a very even affair. Goals for the Whites through Talya and Teddy Cannon and another penalty stroke from Josefina meant the final score was 9-2.

That left Team 1 all done on 3 points and -6 goal difference.

Team 2 vs Team 3: A win for either team could win them the tournament. For Team 2 that would have to be on goal difference. A win for Team 3 and they would be outright winners!

In a brilliantly open match it was Team 2 that won the game 6-2. Goals from Charlotte Watkins, Sarah Eversfield, Phoebe Gough-Cooper, Iggy Muñoz and Martha Reeve, plus one joker goal was enough for the win. Goals by Elisha Speckernell and Talya Harvey wasn’t quite enough to rescue the tournament and Team 2 won on goals scored!!

Both teams 2 and 3 finished up on 3 points and +3 goal difference. But as Team 2 had scored the most goals (12) vs Team 3s (11) they won overall. What a great tournament and so exciting with the Joker rule! Well done to everyone that played – you were awesome!

On Sunday HCKP hosted a fun mix-in 6s tournament. With five teams playing a round robin and everyone playing each other it promised to be a very enjoyable afternoon. It also gave our Young Leaders the chance to restart their umpiring journey as they would umpire in their match off.

Over the course of the afternoon there were some epic battles, some incredible goals and a lot of laughs along the way!

Round 1 saw Team 2 beat Team 1 (4-2) and Team 4 beat Team 3 (4-3). This defeat clearly got Team 3 going as they then beat Team 1 10-1 in Round 2! Team 5’s first match saw them win 4-2.

On to Round 3 and it was the high scoring 5-4 win for Team 5 over Team 1 that caught the eye. Team 4 beat Team 2 4-2.

Going into Round 4 all the teams were still in contention to win, however by the end of Round 4 it was clear who was going to contest for the medals. Wins for Team 4 (9-3) and Team 5 (6-3) meant that the final matches would be for the medals. Team 1 sadly finishing all their matches without registering a win.

When it mattered two teams stepped up! Team 3 smashing 11 goals past Team 2 to win an epic encounter 11-5! Team 4 won their final group match 5-1 over Team 5 to take top spot, and leaving Team 5 with silver.

What a brilliant afternoon of hockey! The tournament was played in a friendly, knowledgeable and competitive environment. Very well done to everyone that umpired - it was the perfect tournament to get back into it. Everyone that took part should be exceptionally proud of their contributions. Well done everyone!

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