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Men’s 1st team are League Champions!

HC Knole Park’s Men’s 1st team won Invicta Division 3 after an amazing run of results to close out the season! The team from Knole Park won seven of their eight final matches to move to the top of the league to stay there and become champions! This secures Knole Park’s fourth promotion in four seasons – a remarkable effort!

In the closing matches of the season there were several notable performances from the team including beating 2nd placed Deal HC 3-1 (Goals from Duncan 2 & Noah), winning 10-2 against Burnt Ash 3s (Goals from Duncan 5, Isaac 4, and Matt G), as well as a 7-0 win over Gravesham and Wellcome which sealed the title for Knole Park. Four goals from the team’s most improved player Isaac, as well as two from Duncan, and one from Oscar in the performance of the season!

The top scorers for the team were Duncan with 51 goals, Isaac with 30 and Matt G with 12 goals.

This promotion sees the team move up to South-East Invicta Division 2 for 2023/24 which is a tremendously exciting new level for Knole Park and one that all the club are looking forward to.

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