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12th Dec 2020: Internal Match Play

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

On Saturday the Women's and Men's 1st teams mixed up to play a really enjoyable friendly. After an epic battle the final score was 5-4 to the Navy team!

The game started at a ferocious pace as the Bingham boys were back from Uni and on a mission to set the GPS world records! So it was the Whites that took the lead through Rollo ghosting past Louis to slot home. Ruth then linked up with son Jamie to smash home the second for the Whites. Shortly before the end of the period Sarah got one back for the Navys as she converted a rebound from a penalty corner.

The second period was much better for the Navy team as three unanswered goals from Ted, from a rebound, and Dave Smith (2) put the Navy team into the lead. Dave's brace was particularly delightful as he deflected home a great pass into the D from Sarah and then converted a counter-attack after Exeter Uni loanee Martha threading the eye of a needle with a great through ball. Rollo did score a deceptively powerful penalty stroke after he was wiped out by Riley in the D to make it 4-3 to Navys.

The final third was more even. With the top GPS score in the bag, the lactic acid was starting to build up and the midfield running started to drop away! Whilst chances came and went it was an 'innocuous back stick' in the D that gave White's their second penalty stroke of the game. Teddy cooly slotted the ball away. In the final moments of the game, with both teams pushing for the win, it was the quality of Dave putting in Celia who slammed home the winner!

A great game, enjoyed by all!

Credit to Jamie Bingham who recorded a club record 1525m Sprint Distance and a 151% on the GPS! Over to you Lottie!

Please sign up for more Internal Fun next weekend!

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